United States of Hemp

United States of Hemp

United States of Hemp is a new podcast based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is an educational platform educating citizens of the U.S. on the hemp plant and all it has to offer for our society. The podcast was founded by Matthew Habuda, CEO of Summit Harbor Holdings, and Will Retherford, Vice President of Marketing for GOCo. The purpose of this podcast is to help people understand the differences between hemp and cannabis, but also cast a vision for the future of hemp. United States of Hemp

You can find the United States of Hemp podcast on iTunes, Spotify, and other podcasts platforms. The first 5 episodes of United States of Hemp have been released and have been receiving some high-performance listening stats and great reviews from all of the subscribers. The titles of the first 5 episodes are: What is Hemp?, The History of Hemp, Hemp in the Present, Hemp in the Future, and Cannabis Vs. Hemp.

Here is a small breakdown of each episode found on the United States of Hemp:

What is Hemp?

This episode goes into the basics of the hemp plant. Matthew Habuda talks about each part of the plant and what purpose each part serves. He talks about how hemp mainly produces fiber and CBD, and how these elements are crafting industries as we speak. People often think marijuana when they hear the word “hemp,” but this is simply not the case and this episode talks about the how hemp stands alone as a cousin of the cannabis plant.

The History of Hemp

In the second episode of United States of Hemp, Matthew Habuda talks about how our country was founded on hemp and how it was a major resource being produced for materials before it was outlawed with the cannabis plant. Matt talks about how this was more of a financial and politic move verses a safety decision. Many high-income investors had a lot of money in producing materials and the hemp industry was becoming a threat. This epsidoe also highlights how many of our presidents, including George Washington, and founding fathers were hemp farmers.

Hemp in the Present

Since December of 2018, hemp became legal again giving farmers a great opportunity for new jobs and for markets to create new industries. Hemp is now back and with us in the present. But what is happening with hemp today? In this episode, Matthew Habuda talks about all of the current industries taking advantage of this new turn, as well as new industries that have formed since hemp came back into the game.

Hemp in the Future

No one can make claims about the future, but we sure can make some great educated guesses based on statistics we find today. In this episode, Matthew Habuda talks about the future of hemp and all of its possibilities. Anywhere from new technologies and industry reforms, hemp is making a comeback producing industrial fiber, which is an environmentally friendly material, and CBD, which is a popular pain relief supplement. There are endless possibilities for the future of hemp. 

Cannabis Vs. Hemp

In this episode, Matthew takes on the conversation of cannabis and hemp head on. Most people confuse hemp and cannabis out of ignorance, but the purpose of this episode is to shine light on the major differences, benefits, and purposes of the cannabis plant and the hemp plant.

United States of Hemp is an educational platform and a place to learn about this new emerging billion-dollar industry. Knowing the “ins and outs” of a rising industry may just position you to become a major player in the game and reap the benefits and profit of being a visionary and a believer in hemp. Will you join our journey and become a citizen of the United States of Hemp?

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