The Future of Hemp

The Future of Hemp

Hemp is soaring into the future. The once outlawed plant is making a comeback in America and it is a really exciting time to be the in the business of hemp. You should be keeping your eyes out for this beautiful plant to become a leader in developing environmentally friendly products across a multitude of industries. You may just be one of those lucky businesses that is starting to realize the value of hemp and taking steps into the innovation process. The Future of Hemp

While the business cannabis is booming and projected to make over 40 billion dollarsby 2024, hemp has the potential to outlive the hype of cannabis and establish itself as a pillar in the industrial revolution and more! Some say hemp could be in the hundreds of billions of dollars by 2023 creating new jobs, new industries, and of course, sustaining current industries as well. It won’t get you high, but lots of people are high on hemp.” says Bob Woods from CNBC.

Hemp is a booming industry across the United States and across the globe. America is actually behind the curve of this ancient trend, as China, Europe, and South America has been using it in a variety of ways. America was founded on hemp and it is starting to get the revival it deserves.

Here are some things you should know about the future of Hemp:

New Jobs

Tens of thousands of jobs are being created across the United States because of hemp, and this is only the beginning. A great example is that farmers are able to farm hemp again rather than just soybeans, rice, corn, etc. This is due to the 2018 Farm Bill making hemp no longer an illegal substance. Farmers who have been on a decline and many who have been on government subsidies, have an opportunity to make good money again.

When growing hemp, a good crop can make 60-70k on 1 acre of land. This is huge, because farmers often make a fraction of this amount on any other crop they farm. The future of hemp could guarantee a spot for famers in the American workforce again, and this is a win for thousands of Americans. This not only creates new jobs for the farming industry, but also sustains the farming industry.

Another example of new jobs in a current industry is the construction of hempcrete. Hempcrete is made 100% from the hemp plant and is an environmentally friendly material that takes a special craft to learn and will sustain the construction business in a world seeking environmentally friendly materials. This is how new innovation and the revival of skilled workers can co-exist and work together.

Hempcrete is just one small example in one industry. The construction industry can also make concrete floors, insulation, swimming pools, decks, roofs, and so much more out of pure hemp. This can forever change the infrastructure of the construction business, but all create a new infrastructure for the business of hemp. Hemp is not just creating jobs for the affluent, but jobs across all economic levels. 

New Industries

The two main industries formed from the hemp plant are Industrial Fiber and CBD. These two broad categories, of course, make smaller industries beneath, but everything can point back to the two most important components, fiber and CBD.

CBD has already shown a drastic spike and positive popularity. The CBD market is at a rapid climb – businesses paying top dollar for the production and consumers for its use, and CBD is not even at the top of the mountain yet. CBD is no longer spooky. It’s everywhere and in most commercial stores now, being highly regulated on testing. The CBD market is already in the hundreds of millions, and is continuing to climb.  

While CBD will most likely level off in pricing and demand over time, industrial fiber has an opportunity to root itself into the fabric of American culture once again, but this time it’s here to stay. Industrial Hemp Fiberhas more pulp, stalk, fiber, cellulose, and is used for very different purposes than CBD. According to market researchers, hemp fiber is only in the 10% of its growth cycle. This is huge news for America and working citizens.

The United States currently imports most of its raw materials from the outside of the country, and growing hemp will allow American farmers to grow a material in the States that can become backbone for many industries moving forward. With hemp, the possibilities are endless. Eventually, hemp fiber could become a premium material that everyone is seeking at top dollar price causing the value to increase greater than it is now. Hemp can become a part of the daily life anywhere from blue jeans to medical research.

Another industry that we did not list before is the field of medical research. Some say medical research is the other main industry that hemp will create. Hemp not only has the opportunity to create industrial fiber that can service a multitude of industries or create CBD that can brings ease to pain, anxiety, and insomnia, but also bring itself to a whole new field of medical research within CBD and could possibly lead to new revelations to aide a variety of health issues. The wave of research will cause another disruption in the market, but can only be for the benefit of all people.

Investment Opportunities

While the market of hemp and cannabis continue to grow, there will be more and more opportunities to invest in publicly traded entities, like LVGI and SHHI for example. Real Money offers some valuable information on companies worth investigating and possibly worth investing into. Be wise and jump in early on a publicly traded entity, it could just lead to your fortune, but with no guarantees of course.

Innovative Technologies

The last exciting thing we want to mention is all of the innovative technologies that can come from the rise of the hemp industry. Cloth is now being cut 100% from hemp. Plastic straws made from hemp are starting to break in. Paper is being made from hemp. Fuel and batteries are being replaced with a hemp alternative. The list is endless, and we can’t forget the automobile industry using hemp as a main material.

One of the most important innovative technologies from hemp is the replacement of plastic. Plastic is one of the most harmful materials to our planted. Our landfills are mostly filled with plastic water bottles, and you can find many of them at the bottom of the ocean. The replacement of plastic water bottles and plastic straws is already enough to change our world for the better.

In Closing

Hemp is here to stay and thefuture is endless. Just look at the past. We started building our country on hemp. Henry Ford even made a hemp car. Hemp has experienced a rebirth and the United States has an opportunity to truly change the tide for working citizens, environmentally friendly materials, and new markets leading us into a bright future. Hemp an integral part of our nation, just like it was in the 30s. Now, we must allow the market to mature on its own accord. We must not force it, control it, or limit its reach. We must give it the air to breathe and grow.

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