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What are the Uses of Hemp Tulsa?

The Industrial hemp plant is one of the most versatile and useful plants on Earth. Experts believe that there are over 50,000 USES OF HEMP TULSA. With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, the industrial hemp market has exploded and hemp can now legally be grown and transported across the US. Many farmers, companies, and businesses are looking to become part of the hemp industry. There are a wide range of Uses of Hemp Tulsa that will allow many different types of businesses to utilize hemp. Uses of Hemp Tulsa

CBD and Hempcrete

One of the most popular Uses of Hemp Tulsa is CBD oil. CBD comes from the female flower bud of the hemp plant. The flower is processed and CBD is extracted through a variety of processes. CBD oil has become extremely popular and can be found in a wide variety of products including tinctures, edibles, creams, makeup, and even pet products. Many people uses CBD for medical and mental health benefits. CBD is definitely one of the most popular uses of hemp Tulsa. 

Another exciting Uses of Hemp Tulsa is hempcrete. Hempcrete is made by combining the shiv or husk of the hemp plant with lime and water. The result is a material similar to concerte, but lighter, more durable, and carbon negative. Hempcrete is one of the most popular Uses of Hemp Tulsa because it can be used to build any type of structure, is mold and pest resistant, is a natural insulator, and is fireproof! 

Fiber and Seed

Fiber and seed are other popular Uses of Hemp Tulsa. The hemp fiber is used for textile production. Hemp fiber is incredibly strong and durable. It can be used for clothing, rope, shoes, canvas, etc. Hemp fiber and biomass are often used in pet bedding and supplies as well.  Hemp fiber has been used for thousands of years and is making a big comeback. 

Hemp seed is quickly becoming a sought after Uses of Hemp Tulsa. Hemp seed or hemp hearts as they are sometimes referred to are being used in a wide variety of food. Hemp seed is extremely high in protein and essential nutrients. They are extremely healthy for you and can be used in granola, baking, protein bars, cereal, etc. 

BioPlastic and BioFuels

Some of the most intriguing uses of hemp Tulsa are bioplastic and biofuel. Hemp bioplastic can be formed into any shape for a wide variety of uses. Hemp bioplastic is very strong and durable, yet lightweight. Many car manufacturers are using hemp bioplastic for interior car parts and car doors and bumpers due to its durability. Hemp plastic is biodegradable as well compared to petroleum based plastic that will never break down. 

Hemp Biofuel is just becoming a modern idea again, but the idea of fuel as one of the Uses of Hemp Tulsa has been around since the early 1900s. Rudolph Diesel created his engine to run on biofuel including hemp biofuel. Today hemp can be made into ethanol or the seed can be pressed to make biodiesel. These two Uses of Hemp Tulsa are extremely beneficial to the environment and offer sustainable, green alternatives to the petroleum based plastics and fossil fuels. 


Hemp has tens of thousands of uses. Some of the USES OF HEMP TULSA are CBD oil, hempcrete, hemp seed and fiber, biofuel and bioplastic. These Uses of Hemp Tulsa are sustainable and green alternatives to many products that we currently use. These Uses of Hemp Tulsa are environmentally friendly and economically beneficial. As whole plant utilization and modern technology continues to advance, scientists will undoubtedly find even more Uses of Hemp Tulsa

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