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Get to know Matthew Habuda, A Hemp Leader in Tulsa

One of the emerging experts in the industrial hemp industry is Matthew Habuda. Matthew Habuda Hemp Leader in Tulsa Oklahoma is the President and CEO of Summit Harbor Holdings (SHHI), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Limitless Ventrue Group, Inc (LVGI).  Summit Harbor Holdings is working to create a fully vertical hemp company that will be growing, testing, processing, and using hemp for a variety of manufacturing. Matthew Habuda Hemp Leader Tulsa also co-leads a podcast called “The United States of Hemp.” Matthew Habuda Hemp Leader Tulsa

Current Projects

Matthew Habuda Hemp Leader Tulsa is leading the charge to bring the industrial hemp industry back to Oklahoma. He is working with state, local, and tribal leaders to educate and create a  sustainable infrastructure that will allow Oklahoma to be a leader in the US hemp sector. Matthew Habuda Hemp Leader Tulsa has spoken with both the Governor and Lt. Governor of Oklahoma about the hemp industry on multiple occasions. He has also met with the Oklahoma Secretary of Agriculture, the Oklahoma Secretary of Commerce, several Acting Chiefs of various Tribal Nations, University leaders and many other state and local officials. Matthew Habuda Hemp Leader Tulsa has helped create an excitement among the farmers and the officials about the economic and environmental benefits of the industrial hemp industry. 

Matthew Habuda Hemp Leader Tulsa is also working with many companies, individuals, and organizations both in the United States and around the world. Recently Matthew Habuda Hemp Leader Tulsa, spoke at the Wisconsin Bankers’ Association Hemp Forum to help bridge the gap between the hemp industry and the banking industry. He educated the attendees on the importance of hemp, reviewed the new hemp laws, and encouraged bankers to lend to the farmers, business owners, and other people associated with hemp. He has spoken at several other conferences as well and has been asked to speak at many more. Matthew Habuda Hemp Leader Tulsa works with industry leaders from Europe, South America, Canada, Colorado, Washington, Florida, North Carolina, Wiscosin, California, Kentucky, Arkansas, Kansas, Texas, etc. and is a recognized expert in the hemp industry. 


MATTHEW HABUDA HEMP LEADER TULSA has over 6 years of experience in the hemp industry and over 15 years of experience in business and consulting. He has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies and worked with some of the high profile cannabis and hemp companies such as Aurora and Canopy. He is the former CEO and Co-Owner of the first medical marijuana clinic in the state of Oklahoma. Matthew Habuda Hemp Leader Tulsa has his BA in Organizational Interpersonal Communications and has completed many post graduate courses in Business, Accounting, Finance, and Leadership Development. He is excellent at networking and speaking and has spoken at many events and conferences for the hemp industry.


Matthew Habuda Hemp Leader Tulsa, has quickly become a recognized leader in the hemp industry. He is committed to making sure that the industry operates legally and ethically and is well respected and well regarded by those in the banking, insurance, and government sectors. Matthew Habuda Hemp Leader Tulsa is dedicated to reviving the hemp industry in Oklahoma and is excited for the future of the industry and what it means to the people of Oklahoma, and to all Americans. 

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