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Industrial Hemp Farming in Oklahoma

INDUSTRIAL HEMP FARMING OKLAHOMA is quickly becoming one of the most exciting and intriguing crops being grown in the Sooner State. Farmers across Oklahoma and the surrounding states are turning their attention to growing industrial hemp. They have found that Industrial Hemp Farming Oklahoma is not only profitable but that it is a good alternative to their other crops. Hemp Farming Oklahoma

Hemp Farming Infrastructure

Industrial hemp farming Oklahoma has great potential due to the farming infrastructure that already exists in our state. Land is abundant in Oklahoma and many farmers already have the machinery and tools needed to farm hemp. Industrial hemp farming Oklahoma does not require special fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. Sheds, barns, and silos can easily be retrofitted to use for hemp harvest and storage. This makes Industrial hemp farming in Oklahoma cost-efficient and does not require large start up costs. 

Industrial hemp farming Oklahoma can be done for CBD or for grain, fiber, and seed. Based on the type of industrial hemp that is being grown, Industrial Hemp Farming Oklahoma can be done on large acreage or in greenhouses. This makes farming industrial hemp accessible to a variety of both large and small farm operations. Many generational farms are looking to Industrial Hemp Farming Oklahoma to help bring revenue back to the family farm. 

Incredible Revenue Possibilities

Thanks to tariffs, weather, and other circumstances many farmers across the United States, including Oklahoma, are struggling to make ends meet. Each year more and more family farms are closing. Crops such as soybeans and corn are not producing the revenue needed for many farmers to continue their operations. 

The average returns on an acre of soybeans is around $62-$194. INDUSTRIAL HEMP FARMING OKLAHOMA can make a huge impact on the farmer’s potential revenue. Experts predict that industrial hemp can bring enormous returns. The average return on an acre of industrial hemp can be anywhere from $10,000  to $60,000! One harvest can potentially bring significant economic benefits and returns for the farm. 

Hemp as a Rotation Crop 

Industrial hemp farming Oklahoma is proving to be an excellent primary crop but it can also be used as a fantastic rotation crop. Industrial hemp draws toxins out of the soil and returns 70%  of its nutrients back to the soil. Farming industrial hemp can actually help the soil and water. Industrial hemp farming Oklahoma also requires far less water consumption than many crops such as cotton. This not only helps conserve water, but brings the cost down for the farmer as well. 

Industrial Hemp Farming Oklahoma only takes approximately 100 days from planting to harvest. This short growing season allows farmers to use industrial hemp as an excellent additional crop or rotation crop without impeding their usual crops. 


Many Oklahoma farmers are turning to Industrial Hemp Farming Oklahoma to save their family farms and their occupations. Industrial hemp can provide a much higher return on their investment and labor, can help their soil, and can save them on water and pesticide usage. 

New Horizon Farms, a subsidiary of SHHI and LVGI is committed to Industrial Hemp Farming Oklahoma. They are working with Oklahoma farmers to begin farming industrial hemp. They are are partnering with many local operations to provide seed, consulating, and assistance to the farmers who are interested in farming industrial hemp in Oklahoma and the surrounding areas. 

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