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Hemp Projects Oklahoma

As hemp makes a comeback in America, there are various new businesses and Hemp Projects Oklahoma that forming around the plant that produces industrial fiber and CBD. Hemp not only provides CBD which is a pain reliever, but also the market breaking product, industrial fiber, that has the ability to change our nation due to the resource being environmentally friendly. Hemp Projects Oklahoma

Here are some of the Hemp Projects Oklahoma that you need to know about:

Full Commercial Production Plan

Since the 2018 Farm Bill passed last December, Governor Kevin Stitt has signed the law for Oklahoma allowing hemp to go from a pilot project to an official full commercial production plan for Hemp Projects Oklahoma. According to the agriculture department, around 1,300 acres will be planted by the end of 2019, and that is around three times more than what was planted in 2018.

This change has made more Hemp Projects Oklahoma possible, and this is changing our state as we speak. We are still waiting for the state legislature to regulate CBD sales, but Hemp Projects Oklahoma are moving forward nonetheless.

Construction Companies

Construction companies like Emergent Build Design, are only a few companies taking advantage of Hemp Projects Oklahoma. One of the popular materials made from hemp is called Hempcrete. According to American Lime Technology, hempcrete is bio-composite made of the inner woody core of the hemp plant mixed with a lime-based binder. Other eco-friendly materials from hemp include, hemp fiber batt insulation, hemp oil wood finish and deck stain, wheat board, and more.

Construction companies like Emergent, can plan specific Hemp Projects Oklahoma where the full construction of a facility is made from eco-friendly hemp materials. This is groundbreaking for the construction industry and so many more industries as well.   

New Technologies

Companies like Hemplink are creating new industries and new materials for hemp and made from hemp. As an example, Hemplink will be a company, like WeedMaps, that will connect hemp farmers, buyers, and processors through a smartphone app. This is only the beginning of a new era. Hemplink is even creating their own plastic straws out of hemp. This would be an environmentally friendly product. Who else misses their plastic straws?

Another company known as DeliverySwift, is launching new service where CBD can be delivered straight to your home. In an age of Doordash and Amazon, home delivery can only be a profitable strategy that can grow any company from small to large.

Farming & Greenhouses

More and more Hemp Projects Oklahoma and farming initiatives are taking form. New Horizon Farms is a company that is hiring farmers, planting hemp seeds, and growing greenhouses. This is only the start of farming initiatives. There is so much room growth and so much land to grow.

Be on the lookout for more Hemp Projects Oklahoma. Summit Harbor is a major player in the Hmep Projects Oklahoma movement. You can find them on the OTC markets, and you can get involved. Visit us on our website and we would love to hear from you. 

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